Urgent medicine

Kalas Medical is a medical company that produces and distributes medical devices, accessories and disposables for urgent medicine, anaesthesiology and human life rescue systems. The company is focusing mostly on these products and activities:

OB1 ParaVent Respiratory Care Companion

OB1 ParaVent is a specialty respiratory care device, designed for short term clinical use, that supports a range of clinical situations with its unique features and properties. It is based on the scientific principles and physical properties of the patented Multi-Nozzle Jet Injector (MNJI) which generates the constant pressure and creates the jet stream. …

The production and distribution of other devices for the health care

The production and distribution of other devices for the health care sector. These are mainly:
- Monitoring devices (pulse oximeters, capnography, patient monitoring)>
- The device for monitoring of patient’s condition while undergoing operation: “Monitor of muscle relaxation MR-1095”
- The device for analysis of O2 in breathing gases: “Oxygen analyzer AK-1097”
- The device for exhausting of waste gases from operation and emergency rooms: “ECONAR AGS-1098”

Software and hardware accessory components

The production and distribution of software and hardware accessory components for monitoring of ventilation parameters of urgent patients:
- ALFA-Link 1
- ALFA-Link 2

Components for high-frequency add-on unit “ALFA-Jet-modul”

The production and distribution of components for high-frequency add-on unit “ALFA-Jet-modul”, that extends the options of clinical conventional lung ventilators for high-frequency modes.

Apart from the mentioned medical activities, the company engages in the other commercial activities, such as:
- Construction of computers according to customer’s preference
- Production of the special titan spikes for ultrasound welding technology

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