Anaesthetic waste gas scavenger EKONAR AGS-1098

It is a commonly known fact that up today the lay society as well as proffessionals have been very indifferent as far as their attitude to the working environment was concerned. Specially concerning negative effects of waste gases from anaesthesia machines at operating rooms.

Negative effects of these gases which concentration frequently exceed 20 mg.m3 /in Halothane / and 40 mg.m3 /in N2O / many times influence immunity , fertility , cellular nuclear changes and cause parenchymal organ damage. These negative effects is possible to solve by EKONAR.

The EKONAR AGS-1098 have been designed on the basis of long term practical experience from anaesthesiologist ´s work environment. The chosen technical solution have been clinically tested for a long time period in order to fulfill generally accepted obligatory norms and regulations for working environment.

Technical parameters

Proportions 160 mm x 120 mm x 150 mm
Weight 1050 g
Voltage 230 V/50 Hz
Input 10 VA + 25%
Driving médium own membrane air compressor
- output pressure pin = 10 kPa ± 25 %
- output flow Qin = 2,5 lmin-1 ± 25 %
Suction hypotension max. 0,8 cm H2O ± 25 % (80 Pa ± 25 %)
Suction input flow 9 lmin-1 ± 25 % pri podtlaku 0 cm H2O
Exhaust flow 12 lmin-1 ± 25 % at the end of 10 m exhaust hose D22 mm
Overpressure protection
- first grade By construction – the systém is freely passable
- sec .grade Overpressure valve 0,5 kPa ± 0,1 kPa
Attachment conuses 22FM STN ISO 5356-1


User Guide

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