AK 1097 oxygene analyser /oximeter/ is a device powered by a battery or homologised external current adaptor which is designet to measure the oxygene content in gaseous mixtures , applied mostly in medical circumstances.

It evaluates the oxygene concentration in gaseous mixtures used e.g. during oxygene therapy, artificial lung ventilation , in anaesthetic gas mixtures etc.

The oxygene concentration is being expressed as a percentage of O2 on the device display.

Basic technical data

Measured gas oxygene
Unit oxygene concentration %
Range 15 % O2 – 100% 02
Accuracy ± 1% of the range
Power 9V DC, batery R622 type
or external power supply
Battery life aprox. 1500 hours
Oxygene sensor eletrochemical element ( MOX-2 or equivalent )
Environment temperature +15 up to +35 °C
Relative humidity up to 90% R.h
Ventilatory circuit connection ISO 22mm F/M
Size L 157 x W 84 x D 30 mm
Weight 230 g
Transport temperature -20 až +75 °C



User manual

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