High-frequency jet ventilation (HFJV)

by PARAVENT ventilators


Brief theoretical background of HFJV:


Critical clinical conditions, when it is not possible to ensure adequate alveolar ventilation with the use of the conventional ventilation or its modifications, require the resolve with the non-conventional ventilation methods.

There is whole scale of clinical situations fulfilling this premise. Such cases are:

1.   Cases related to decrease of pliability of lungs and decrease of functional residual capacity (lungs fibrosis, aspiration pneumonia, advanced ARDS, obstruction of  breathing motions, e.g. while backfilled by soil)

2.   Bilateral disparity of mechanical characteristics of lungs and thorax (unilateral trauma of lungs and thorax, diaphragmatic hernia, bronchopleural fistula, alar pneumonia).

3.   Cases with non-uniform mechanical characteristics of the same side of lungs (emphysema bulosum).

4.   Cases when minimal pressure effects of artificial ventilation of lungs lead to heavy disorder of hemodynamics (cor pulmonale, natal heart defects, hypovolemia).

5.   Extreme operative act on trachea, bronchi or lungs.


These clinical cases constitute an issue to secure the adequate alveolar ventilation using conventional approach. Cases such as laser treatments in critical extreme inoperative cases of malignant obstructions of main airways, leading to hypoxia or asphyxia, require adequate assurance of ventilation. The appropriate resolve to the above mentioned cases of requiring ventilation is high-frequency jet ventilation.

High-frequency jet ventilation is such a form of artificial ventilation of lungs, where supraphysiological frequencies of ventilation cycles are used.


Having in mind the above mentioned, high-frequency jet ventilation needs to considered as a supplementary / complementary ventilation to conventional ventilation methods and/or the method that can be applied in the cases when conventional ways are not adequate.


HFJV has certain advantages as well as disadvantages that need to be bear in mind:


Technological advantages:



Physiological and medial advantages:



Disadvantages of HFJV:





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